2008 F100 Supernationals

Saturday May 15-17, 2008 was the 30th Anniversary of the F-100 Supernationals in Knoxville, Tennessee. The F-100 Supernationals show is the largest of its kind, and with over 250 awards to hand out you know it drew a large crowd from all around the states, and even from other countries.

We were proud to be present at this years event with our 1955 F-100 sporting a new set of rims and tires. We also dropped the front end to the give the F-100 a bit of style to compliment the new shoes. The modifications gave the F-100 a great new look that seemed to please at the show.

Our Ford F-100 was chosen to sit in the #1 location of the event for the beginning of the show and we were awarded the "Ford in a Ford" award as well as finishing in the top 35. We were very pleased with this finish as our competition were pushing the $250,000 mark on their trucks!

Below is a very lage collection of photos from the event.